Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Tayah Help

On a Winter's night there was a little girl called Jazzy and she lived in Australia. She was in bed sick her parents were so sad. So they Decided to take her on vacation on a boat. Then  jazzy fell off the boat into the sea. She was swimming for 2 hours then she woke up on an island then she was not sick. She was so happy she wanted to explore the island much. Then she found a nice flower garden with so much fruit and she found a house made out of wood. meanwhile her parents knew that their little girl was missing so they had to find her. So they put up wanted posters of her every where all around Australia but no one has found her. Everyone was sad because everyone liked her she was funny she helped poor people and when some kids drop their ice-cream she always gave them her ice-cream. Everyone was sad forever when someone wanted to laugh she was not there. When there were poor people she was not there. When all the kids drop their ice-cream she was not there. Back to jazzy so at the little house she knocked on the door and somebody open the door it was her friends Lilac and Naomi. Jazzy was so happy they could be here lilac and naomi had lots of food bananas,coconuts,ice-cream,Apples and watermelons. Jazzy was so hungry and thirsty so her friends said help yourself to the food.

After when she ate the food she was full they were so glad that they can survive the whole island. They wish that they can stay but they can’t they had to go back home or their parents would never see them again. They were terrified so they had to escape this island but naomi said How about we invent something. So they had to invent something to get off the island it was a boat so they use the sail has the flax some wood for the bottom of the boat. They had to make a strong boat so it doesn't fall apart and the sail is going threw the sea they finish the boat so they had to hop on it just to check if it does not break.

When they got on the boat it did not break they made paddles has well so they can move the boat it took them 4 hours to get back home. Finally they made it home their parents were so happy they were here .

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