Monday, 29 August 2016

Cross Country

It Was on Friday we were doing cross country when we were about to run we sat on the ground to the youngest to the oldest we went in 2 Different  rows one line is for boys and the other one is for girls. We How to do one lap around the outside of the park and the field nefia won the race. I really like the reac it was so fun at cross country.

I was in hokule’a and I feel nervous About starting the race I never gave up when I started running I stopped because my pain hurt. I felt so thirsty but I was nearly there I never gave up when i was running I felt so tired Because I do not want to run.

I was running and miss scanlan took a photo of me running at the cross country with amira was running with me too. Then i cross the finish line.


  1. Well done for writing 3 very detailed paragraphs Tayah. I really like how you wrote about how you were feeling during the cross country. Next time, make sure to use more full stops in your writing. You have so many awesome sentences but they will be even better if you make them a little bit shorter! :) From Miss Scanlan

  2. I think you are a champion because you tried so hard even though you were so tired.

  3. Hi Tayah your story about the cross country is great maybe next time you post make sure that you don't add catal letter in the middle of your senectes.Also some times you have added the same word over over again so maybe you could change it up.keep up the great work.